The main essences of the brand LOVELILI are timeless design, unique cuts and unconditional quality. The brand places particular emphasis on highly premium materials, meaning not only leather but also the components, and generous workmanship. Handbags are made in the same manufactory where works of brands such as Balenciaga, D&G or Victoria Beckham are born.

“I perceive the fact that we sew in the same place in Florence as the far-famed brands as a great merit and also a great fortune. On my way, I have understood that the only right way is to follow the path of the highest quality, where the best on the market make their products. Another necessity is to surround yourself with professionals and take advice,” says Lili Řeháková.

The preparation of the first collection took three years. Lili Řeháková mapped in detail the market, suppliers, trends and development of customer behaviour in the Czech Republic. The designer carefully selects materials, including components, regularly visits production plants and carefully monitors the production of handbags.

She draws inspiration especially from art, interior design and, last but not least, from her customers, whose needs are alpha and omega of the entire production process.

“Our customers are women who prefer high quality, lasting value, sophistication, practicality, versatility (all our models are all day / all night) and femininity.

Women who know what they want, demand only the best for themselves, and who also expect this from their surroundings and products, who are not fond of pretence and inclusion in a predefined group.

We fulfil the desire of these women for quiet luxury completely,” adds Lili Řeháková.

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